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When playing in an online casino, there will always be an exceptional array of cash games that can be enjoyed. For players who reside in New Zealand, the casinos that accept cash players from this area are loaded with some of the best games available anywhere online. New Zealand players, just like many other international players will enjoy the thrilling experience of winning cash from their favourite games online without ever having to leave home. The most popular casino games for these players include the pokies, which are the same as slot machines. With online pokies, players will have complete control over their bet amounts and can choose how much they wish to wager in hopes of winning large payouts online.

Online pokies are fund and exciting games that are very easy to play. These games require no special skills and even the newest player will find them simple and rewarding. Most online casinos that accept players from New Zealand will offer hundreds of pokie titles and there are three different types of games that can be enjoyed for fun or for cash payouts.

Traditional pokies are the simplest form of the game and these are played on three reels. Most of these games have a single payline, but there are titles that can offer up to 5 lines of action. Players will also have the ability to select from different coin denominations when placing their bets. Traditional pokies have few symbols and there are usually very few added features, though there are some games that can offer wilds and bonus rounds.

For the best pokie action online, players should take a look at the selection of video pokies. These games are very entertaining and offer great themes and animations on the reels. Players will find games offering up to 100 paylines and most games will allow bet amounts to be altered, though the majority of pokie fans will play the games for a penny bet. With video pokies, there are great bonus rounds, wilds and scatters to help increase the amount that can be won.

Progressive pokies are the final type of game online and these can be video or traditional pokies. Progressive games are costly, so players should ensure they can cover the maximum bet if that is required to collect the jackpot payout.

Top 5 Casinos

Casinos Bonus  
Jackpot City NZ$1600
Spin Palace NZ$1000
Royal Vegas NZ$1200
Ruby Fortune NZ$750
Gaming Club NZ$350

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