Games to Avoid at Casinos

Added: April 27, 2017

No matter where players choose to play, they should be aware of the games that are best avoided when gambling for real money. While the games at casino sites and land locations are very appealing and can offer attractive rewards, not every game is a beneficial choice. For casual gamblers who are more interested in the thrill of playing, this does not apply as much, but for those that are actually looking to generate payouts, it is important to know what games to always avoid. By having this information, players can make educated decisions and know what games will offer the best chances of winning.

The first game to avoid is Keno. This lottery style game is a relaxing option online and provides a break from traditional casino games, but it comes with a massive house edge and the game is designed to be a money maker for the casino site. The house edge with this game is right around 25% and depending on the specific rules of the game it can be as high as 35% at some online casinos.

Another game to steer clear of is Casino War. This game has horrible odds with a house edge of 18%. This game is also rather boring compared to other options, so it is one that should be overlooked while selecting a game online. If players head to the action packed blackjack tables instead, they will have amazing chances to win, but they should always avoid the side bets. These are sucker bets and usually deplete the bankroll instead of adding to it. These side bets can increase the house edge to as much as 24%.

Slots are also games that should be avoided, though they remain some of the most played games in any casino setting. The reason for this is because slots are easy to play and are often budget friendly. However, slots have a house edge of 10% or more, though this is not the case with all games. Not every slot is a bad choice, but when playing, players need to do some research to find those games with the highest RTP and the best overall payouts for bets being placed. A rule of thumb is to avoid progressive games and choose nickel or dime slots.

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