Simple Strategies for Slots

Added: April 13, 2017

Slot games are the most played games at any casino and with the offering of online games, players will come across thousands of slot titles from many different providers. Playing slots is easy and fun and these games are perfect for casual gamblers. However, serious players will also benefit from slot games and will be trying to capture the largest possible wins from these games. Slots are games of chance, to there is nothing any player can do to change the outcome of the game. The results are controlled by a Random Number Generator, which is used to keep the game fair and offer even chances to all players. Even though there are no actions that can alter the results of the game, there are some simple strategies that can help improve the chances of winning when enjoying online slot games.

The first thing to do is examine the RTP of the slot game being considered. The best online casinos will provide a list of verified payout rates for each game that is supported at the site. Many online slots will have a rate that is around 97% to 98%. These are great decisions. Other games can have an RTP that is as low as 94%. As a rule, always choose the slot games that have the highest return percentage for the best chances to win.

Avoiding progressive slots will help to extend the bankroll and allow players more chances to win. Most games that are linked to a progressive will have lower base game payouts, so it will cost more to play the game and platers will not enjoy many returns. Progressive games should be avoided as much as possible, even though they do offer appealing jackpot payouts, though the chances of winning these amounts are quite slim.

Always take advantage of any slot bonus that is being offered by a casino. These can present free spins that can be used on select titles, which can offer the chance to generate real money payouts without depleting the bankroll. Before redeeming these offers, be sure to read the terms and conditions to learn the maximum win value of the bonus as well as to discover the wagering requirements that are in place. These two things will help players determine whether the bonus is beneficial or not.

Top 5 Casinos

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Jackpot City NZ$1600
Spin Palace NZ$1000
Royal Vegas NZ$1200
Ruby Fortune NZ$750
Gaming Club NZ$350

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